Every now and then, you need to run a server like JBoss, whose services bind to a handful of default ports (1099, 1098, 8080). And occasionally, you get a JVM_Bind error for these ports:

java.net.BindException: Address already in use: JVM_Bind 
Cause: java.rmi.server.ExportException: Port already in use: 1098;

The first (and more obvious) solution is to check that there isn’t already an instance of JBoss. Once you’ve made sure (by killing all java.exe/javaw.exe processes), how do you find out what program is still listening on a particular port?

Netstat will help you there.


Netstat (or equivalent) is a utility available in all major OSs, and allows you to view protocol statistics.  You can view incoming and outgoing ports that are in use, along with the IPs and hostnames that the sockets are connected to. In Windows, typing netstat -ab (-a for all connections, -b for the executable involved) in the command prompt results in a list of TCP and UDP sockets and the name of the process that is listening on that socket. Here’s some example output:

  TCP    MyComputerName:6060    MyComputerName:0       LISTENING       1132

  TCP    MyComputerName:1026    MyComputerName:0       LISTENING       1508

  TCP    MyComputerName:1141    MyComputerName:0       LISTENING       28668

  TCP    MyComputerName:5152    MyComputerName:0       LISTENING       1572

  TCP    MyComputerName:5354    MyComputerName:0       LISTENING       896

  TCP    MyComputerName:27015   MyComputerName:0       LISTENING       12500

  TCP    MyComputerName:netbios-ssn  MyComputerName:0       LISTENING       4

  TCP    MyComputerName:1141    localhost:1142         ESTABLISHED     28668

  TCP    MyComputerName:1142    localhost:1141         ESTABLISHED     29716

  TCP    MyComputerName:1405    localhost:1406         ESTABLISHED     33508

Hope this helps you track down that annoying process that’s keeping JBoss from loading.


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