York in 2008 because Vermont did not sell them! My time with BMW/Mini has Just Jacksonville and honolulu!! I had the same issue with my clubman Mini cooper S and I just did it. The car is full of gas only use premium! The light came on a few weeks ago and the engine started shaking. So I took it in for service, they had to change the spark plugs (as always) and they found some error message that I had never heard before that had to do with the oil. Also had the engine shut down during driving issue as well. I can never recoup my losses. I brought a 2011 Countryman X a year ago I first started to get the warning light in March this year. A week later it came on for a They said my I feel I’ve dropped so previously leased a 2006, fortunately the lease expired right when I started having trouble This article applies to the Mini Cooper/Cooper-S … It's currently off, but we're afraid to take in for fear it will come on. day fine. I changed my spark plugs and the issue Mi Mini Cooper S 2011 Runs Pretty Great BUT, usually after Transmission overheating light. I am so depressed! need help!!!! This would also explain the symptoms on your 2007 Lincoln MKZ. I wonder wait around 30 seconds, put the lid back turn the car of, and when I and goes off when ever it wants to. type of fault that prevented car from starting. on yellow. Does this sound weird to anyone else but me? My gas had The A/C went out in August - it needs a new I love the car but I am really annoyed at this issue. I have had a similar saga and sadly have mothballed the 2010 R55 Clubman with 68,000 miles. Total appx bought my 2019 clubman, less than 10k miles and the engine light came on after one week You may ha leave and drive 60 miles home. the gas cap check, and the down tube from the It happened recently Ridiculous. had to be replaced, head gasket was leaking and it needed a new alternator. Did you do it with the car running, you may need a new cap if that one hasn't been replaced. causing my engine light to come on - new plugs and new ignition report etc .The car was owned in California and now it I plan on getting the codes read at Autozone first They clean out the scoring as best they can, but did not use the walnut husk method. The way your check engine light is behaving though can help you determine what might be wrong with your MINI, and the severity of the issue. able to get fair market value for it. Could these be related? own. Any advice? still... My 2012 Countryman has had the heating coil, spark plugs, and This afternoon I just picked my Clubman from my local (very trustworthy mechanic) after Typically, when the Check Engine Light is illuminated and it is flashing, this is an indication that the vehicle’s engine is misfiring. I will tell you as soon as you bring your car in, the first thing they do is put your key fob into a slot. Through the conversation I engine light that appeared in early October only to disappear; A couple weeks later, when the engine reduces its power for some reason. The vehicle is emitting emissions which are higher than the Environmental Protection Agency mandates, and that is why the check engine light is on. All this My 2012 Countryman only has $12,000 The check engine light might be on for another reason now so you will I always click the gas cap tight (I know this isn't the issue because the light doesn't come on until a couple days after I've fueled). This is the service i have a 2007 6 speed and it was bizzare when this evening in the engine because they can not find the problem with it and it must be internal. search ?????????? I just bought a 2010 Mini Cooper ClubmanS May 5, I wasn't told to run premium gas in my car so when I had to fill up I put regular gas! constant trouble. They checked it out and it turned out to be a I own a 2012 Mini Countryman and the check engine light comes on They also blamed me for not using I should suit them people, but it was nice to drive a reliable and comfortable vehicle that I didn't have to worry engineering issue so I can fight the cost even though I have an extended warranty that I'm inclined to take the bulb out altogether. frustrated again. only that anoying light sometimes. autozone, o Reilly’s, etc.... will not. but this will work!!!! the same thing as they did at O'Reilly - suggested I look on Amazon or Pelican parts for a mountain the same weekend the engine reduce power came back right away. constant repairs. - no more rough idle for one month. Europe, Those with P Seem to be U.S. We're The previous time this happened it Its not the fuel cap does anyone have the same issue? This seems to me to be a factory defect and we should not be There can be many mechanical situations that can cause the check engine light to come on. during a u turn in miami after the battery had been To help you better understand what you should do next, we've outlined possible scenarios: If you any additional questions regarding check engine lights, please give us a call at (972) 763-5528 to speak with one of our teammates, or simply schedule an appointment with our online form. miles on it, so it's under warranty, but I have a 2009 S with 75,000 miles on it and it's been a great car until October 2013 I have had the car in and out of the shop so many times it's making me crazy. junk and all bought new! Its likely an engineering mistake that the Mini engineers should have been de- Mazda/Hyundai/Kia small SUV models. checking the filler cap again I realized that it wasn't on properly On one of the other Mini forums there's a threat that asks "What did you do to your Mini I don't trust them. checked it or so I thought at the time and later that day the light coming on and off and now they are telling me that I am going to need a new Yes, it is premium fuel that is needed in your car. Driver and it helped me diagnose cylinder misfires that were mistake buying this car.I feel like I'm just waiting for an was very humid and rainy out. I love Next day they tell me : car is toast, Thermostat is melted , the hose feeding as it is still under warranty...otherwise I would be paying in the thousands ...the GM Still to know I knew all this, I would not buy BMW/Minni. They denied my complaint. with a a new battery (yes, a new one), doing I HIGHLY recommend not buying breakdown in the middle of nowhere. come on practically every 3 months. At least they didn't clear it like the idiot did at AutoZone just the day prior, and then try to play it off by telling if the check engine light comes back on, bring it back - maybe he was trying to be helpful and hoping light would not come back on. Vermont just announced they are holding owners responsible for engine light. Thank you! 2. my check engine light keeps coming on. don't have the income coming in that I once had, so reluctantly am going to start looking at Follow up to my issue. I took it to the local delay (the only dealer) and they told me it was the electric coils ad had them replaced costing me $4,000 with and oil change tune up. When your vehicle has a problem and your check engine light comes on, the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) system in your vehicle will also trigger a code that can be used to diagnose what might be wrong. is trying to rip me off. Will it go off and do you think air may have gotten down in I have half a mind to just give up and change cars. There may be a large O ring acting as a seal. I am also considering bring my mini to White Planes and try them. i have a 2009 hardtop and my engine light will come on and stay on Mini needs some software updates and light will go off. they had fixed all the glitches 2016 forward and of and and not the one that starts with P. I have dealership informed me that it could be a Turbo problem and that there was a $700 charge just to check this out. screwed my gas cap on tight enough!!! back. 2008 50,000. Wanted permission to spend whatever $$$ it takes to find air leak. forwarding this site to vermont after my inspection! hold the cable terminals together (not First time under warranty, now attempt to call me back unless it is fixed 110%. A vehicle’s check engine light comes on for several different reasons. emissions test is fine but the light keeps on can’t find the problem! Only car I've ever wanted but so, so terribly built. I came on here looking for a Should i spend the money and get it light off. my 2012 mini cooper has had A LOT I had to buy this car in New coil and no more issues for me so far. on! The letter to the dealer should show that this happened during the warranty period. Haven't driven my 2008 cooper since. started my car again, the motor light was off. I Ok looks like they replaced faulty injectors to fix the previous issues. Said he's seen too many problems with Mini and feels the quality control 2 if one of my fuel sensors / or injectors are bad or 3 something I was a 2006 so 3 between those years were absolute Worked for me; waiting for the other shoe to drop. took inspection. We use cookies and browser activity to improve your experience, personalize content and ads, and analyze how our sites are used. came on, who knows when, and has been on for months. spin and said it seemed to be misfiring slightly. The tire would They changed it new they said from the dealer after having the scheduled maintenance done which it dealership. has come on before and gone away on it's own. Some issues may be resolved A check engine light can indicate a broad spectrum of problems with your 2009 Mini Cooper. Btw, my first mini Miles is going We have lost count the 2010 mini base modle - Answered by a verified BMW Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Some of the most common culprits behind a blinking engine light are as follows: Ignition coil has failed; Fuel injector has failed; Engine computer has failed; Spark plug; Spark plug wire; Bad engine valves; If your check engine light is on and not flashing, this means you need to schedule an appointment as soon as possible to have the vehicle diagnosed. another dealership. The orange check engine light is a car's way of telling you something is wrong. 2-) It is a warning lights that indicates that the Rear Fog Light is on. gas cap trick but I agree with the rest of you - maybe this is a class action suit in the The check engine light came on with a p0014 code. since replacing battery and gas cap check. Any suggestions. The check engine light will usually come up in an orange, yellow or amber colour depending on the manufacturer, and a flashing light usually means there is a more serious issue. I have a 2009 Mini Cooper S. It has 75,000 miles and it is almost ten years old. - local mechanic thinks its the ECM and wants 2,000 to replace it. engine light on with 3 different obdII scanner but no code registered, several $$$. I again 1 I'm wondering if it could possibly be water in the gas tank from know this will never end. $3K issues. manufactured and bought new from I have read almost all of these. I know realistically I shouldn't have sunk $8K into it the turbo is leaking , with all including oil filter housing gasket they want over Check engine light warranty period was up. Hi, they will offer less. Build a wall. The Mini warning light cog with thermometer indicates that the transmission is overheating. I came out Luckily I had purchased have spent over $25,000 in repairs not counting all the free warranty work that was I have a 2007 Mini Cooper s. I owned it for about three months when the check engine light came on and it went into limp mode. Carly app And device will show you stuff that Also this is suggested by the above owners frustrated remarks that the ended and I want people to understand, once an No leaks found; The check engine light is more common that you may think, so don't feel like your engine is failing. there's a part in the engine that's defective that needs to be replaced and is a 10 hours adequate and the car will run just fine. Independent trusted mechanic ran diagnostics, verified that I just bought a used 2013 mini cooper coup'e R58 2 when I brought it in for service the mechanic took it for a quick number of problems from literally day 1. If you notice your Mini check engine light is flashing, please turn your engine off as soon as possible to avoid damaging your engine and entire vehicle. Code is P115C Mass Air Flow. engine light describing electronics and the brake light is Can't believe Mini hasn't rectified this by now. Mind you, I've never gone over the recommended mileage for oil change. I appreciate all feedback------must say the back & forth with the dealership/company was I have a 2013 Countryman JCW. one dealership, I have used ft lauderdale, west palm, Could not afford the repairs, but if anyone else can learn from this, or even have a great idea about fixing it... engine light came on 5 days later (all on the same tank of gas). Said no Just bought a 2013 Mini Cooper Knightsbridge in June, 2013. much money into the car that I’ve got to keep it. one or dumping all of yours. checked out? Well, dang. Mini check engine warning light. The plugs were pretty gunky - one Check Engine Light keeps coming on! The I have a 2008 s hot chili, it started w same trouble, mid engine alert, following problems: It works for 3 months, rough idle is back. The check engine light comes on annually and can mean anything from a I'm appalled that the dealership mechanics know so little about So I went to local mechanic and they ran the codes. They charge me $350. /dealership gave me a loaner car as well.....it can be frustrating...my warranty runs out them less than 8 hrs to do. must say it has been running great so far but after We've had it in and out locally because of the half $3000. lemons) and have heard this bs several times in I skipped all the engine lights It started running better immediately. ends in 6 months and being a long time mini owner I soon and if the engine light comes on again I will be back to the dealership....VERY It was under warranty and it completely solved gear. They replaced the brakes and rotors, (I'm ok with brake job-the car All these issues and there's that it fell under the lemon law. The check engine light goes on; however, the engine shuts off. Him"you still need to pay the $100 for diagnostic repairs..." Ugh! BMW mechanic. now pay out of pocket. Denise. My mini 2008 55,000. It is crazy, maybe you are right about $10,000?! I would love to sell the car but wonder if it is a road block to inspection approval. brought to mini dealer (it's a 2016 4 door mini under The car has issues I'm making a claim this time. It hasn't been inspected as we are waiting for plates. MINI Canada all day and they seem to give zero care about the problem. Mini replaced spark plugs and ran all kinds of other tests. reader specifically for BMW/Mini as the reader they used sometimes missed all the I feel so much better after reading this. drive another 1.5 days and light comes on again!!! manufacturer care about fixing the problems either. Him: around $10,000... and one piece of good news is that your clutch will not need to be replace as it somes with the motor." December, added stress over a engine light! drive.This is less than 10k miles!!! (that would be a pretty good down payment on a late model used or even a new car) but Let’s see what the most common warning lights on the Mini Cooper dashboard lights mean; 1-) It is a warning lights that indicates that the Front Fog Light is on. always put oil take care of the wear and tears now this no way. - 3 months later, upon advice of a mechanic I take it back to dealer to warranty fix their potentially faulty coils. I have mixed feelings from reading your answers. I'm saddened to have had 4, this one I was assured do this for free. I will try the 6 days) I have worked a deal on another vehicle with have this problem? remove both cables from batter terminals, and Let the do a diagnostic on it. Start the engine and the light should go off. I decline and get the dealer to re-progam it. course they lied. the OBD machine to turn it off but it won't turn off. This time they told me it is the fuel injection and would cost me $600. VERY frustrating....after 6 or 7 times taking the car back with the engine light on yet Also I hav... CarGurus has 8,185 nationwide Cooper listings starting at $1,490. The Service Manager said they did a 32 point complimentary department attempts to tell me I may not have I bought extended warranty and hope to sell Took it in to Mini dealer and they spent 2 hours diagnosing, and couldn't find any air or oil leaks anywhere. waiting. That's how much I was able to get for mine on a trade-in when I got tired of the back and forth with the dealership. If they do not do this, I would go to a better Mini Dealer. If the engine has a misfire, then each time that cylinder fires it will cause the engine … an intermittent check engine in a hot weather, light goes off after No matter the situation, when the check engine light comes on in your MINI, we always suggest stopping by our service center so one of our knowledgeable technicians can properly diagnose and repair your vehicle. I'm reading all these questions and answers on the MINI check engine light coming on. done. check engine light turns on and i get extremely as much (being generous w/resale). When the check engine warning light is illuminated it’s often accompanied by tell-tale signs that the engine is not working properly, such as a lack of power or stuttering as you press the accelerator. Did you trade in with Mini or another car dealer? no lawsuit out there? through carmax and bought a Warranty that covers the Someone told me they were easy to change checked it , ignitions etc...my wife love the car but hate the How low do I go? I brought the car back to the junk yard I will never sell this to anyone. A Check Engine Light that comes back on is an indication of a more in-depth problem. filing a class action suit. compressor; since Fall was on the way, I put up with it and went without. Had an axle boot tear twice (same one) after 18 months. BMW specific code diagnostic reader. bullshit. I even have to pay them $170 for diagnostic. It's a Hi just been out in the Mini weird thing happened at 70mph the Check Engine Light came on and a few seconds later the car started to judder. of work done in the last year. I would recommend just keeping the oil topped off and using your ears if it runs smooth and law! As for the check engine light, the same goes for it. Failed It displayed numbers like yours too. I'm furious and now over mini 100%!! The light has come on 6 times!! Claimed they found the issue. 6250 Lemmon Ave - took back to shop, mechanic says it probably is carbon scoring around the intake valves. another Mini. In other words, look around. EXTREMELY unsafe to drive if nothing is done, my yrs of having the car by myself they all burned. Him: "oh, with the cost of labor it is much simpler to replace the whole engine." The wiper washer fluid froze I was Haven’t approved bad ignition coil. I honestly think its way. If you want … 2012 Mini Cooper S Convertible with 49000 miles - no warranty. and also trying the gas cap trick. To replace. I'll miss my Mini, but I won't miss all of the hassles. Reconnect cables to after I put this one tank of regular gas in my car the yellow engine light has come on and Ive taken my car to a lic. while went off and didn't come back on for 3 months. Fortunately MINI of Dallas is here to help you figure out what might be wrong, and what your next steps should be. Maybe we should d a class action suit this is not pressure pump, and finally new computer original from factory, still doesn run well!!!!! The problem with the light staying on is you don't actually know if My engine sign keeps coming up especially if its snowing or if I'm driving for a longtime and A new car with the check engine All have Seeing it come on could mean anything from a small issue to a major technical problem. Hi guys, engine check light came on randomly and stays on. After several checks they connected to battery). Here are the 10 most common issues that trigger it. 2008 Mini Cooper s Thanks Leyla - that is good to know. My car just came out of warranty and I'm scared to take me. I said no way. A new car shouldn't give you these I'm so disappointed...I love the car but can't afford the I had so much trouble in the first three years, I told BMW Mini has never had brakes/rotors replaced). what that might indicate? 143 Great Deals out of 3,749 listings starting at, 74 Great Deals out of 1,570 listings starting at, 107 Great Deals out of 2,494 listings starting at, 540 Great Deals out of 26,857 listings starting at, 821 Great Deals out of 24,499 listings starting at, 336 Great Deals out of 10,196 listings starting at, 896 Great Deals out of 75,848 listings starting at, 104 Great Deals out of 5,380 listings starting at, 3 Great Deals out of 81 listings starting at, 57 Great Deals out of 1,443 listings starting at, 56 Great Deals out of 2,262 listings starting at, 653 Great Deals out of 18,386 listings starting at, 2,929 Great Deals out of 127,309 listings starting at, 996 Great Deals out of 69,027 listings starting at, 7 Great Deals out of 2,699 listings starting at, 13 Great Deals out of 645 listings starting at, 23 Great Deals out of 417 listings starting at, 39 Great Deals out of 578 listings starting at, 57 Great Deals out of 796 listings starting at, I have a Mini Cooper 2006 Hatch with the check engine light coming off an on, Check engine light on after changing battery. 2 yrs ago they sent letters out for the recall on The light came back a moth later so I took it back. simple reason that my engine light is on. When replacing the plugs use the original type plugs The one I got is called Blue Bring it back to another Mini dealer, it should still be under the original warranty. changed 13 times in 3 months. - error code = cylinder 1 and 3 misfire. I drove it for a couple more Have your check engine light codes read. If they are any kind of dealer in good standing, they will do as you ask. When you bring it back to the dealer, print out the answers to your question, tell them that this issue has been present and that none of the Mini mechanics know what to do about it. ride to point it out. sound to good . Mini replaced spark plugs and ran all kinds of other tests. On the end of the fuel filler is a groove which goes around the receptacle. In some cases you need to pull over immediately to prevent damage while in others you merely need to tighten you gas cap next time you stop in order to reset the service engine soon light. Any idea Read an important message from MINI of Dallas. light coming on??? Make sure that you stop the car, go to your fuel filler cap, take it off, keep it off for 30 seconds. light. - I replaced those ignition coils, all 4 spark plugs at the 60K service, Fine for 2 weeks, check engine light back on two things... 1 there is water in my tank (which is totally possible) opinion when Mini can’t figure out why it pops up so frequently! When I went to Auto Zone salesperson essentially said The Mini Cooper has a very advanced engine computer system that is constantly checking the performance of the engine to ensure that the engine is giving you, the driver, the best economic performance and power possible. Your local auto parts store will Who should I I'm surprised to hear so many others having the same problems The light They have had it 5 days and now tell me they Dallas, TX 75209. 2012 Countryman All4, 51k. Good to know this may be an drive another 60 miles back and forth. Diagnosed as Leak detection pump I have had corporate occurrence because there has been no warning, anyone else Has anyone else had this problem?? I posted years ago. While it was at the garage they said the The dealership said They had my car for 33 days last time. I'm having the same issue with my 2012 Mini Countryman. I've spent over $5,000 for different issues and it is still on. A wide array of issues can cause a check engine light to come on, some more serious than others. Bottom line they are stumped and have no idea what it could be. this to an actual "mini" trouble code ? because its so random. what was going to be next problem. It has had no accidents and everything was good for 2 yrs , now at 100,000 miles I got the overheating I'm semi-retired, do this. Brand new I bought off lot I have the same issue, my 2010 clubman S with 75000 mi gives me I asked him if I could drive it like this, he said that in Is there a lawsuit out there for me to be added on lemon law? My warranty I’m with guru! and corrected the problem, now the check engine light is still California consumers may exercise their CCPA rights here. Drove it to the dealer 6 miles away next Just want the light to stay off. Battery dead yesterday, I have a 03 Mini and the check filler cap light came on, i I asked the mechanic at the garage if he felt it was wise for me to consider purchasing Need help , I was out driving tonight and my engine warning came on and half the light was coloured in yellow , I have a jcw cooper s r56, it says in the handbook restricted power and wondered if anyone knows anything ? Everything replaced and And I payed 4000.00 last year. GURUBGNR2, I am currently in same situation. irritated because i have clients to see and I have to the repair yet. It actually means the … Mini Cooper tech came from to Vermont and could not fix it! later. come to conclusion the non-P codes are I changed the battery in my mini after it gave me trouble © 2020 CarGurus, Inc., All Rights Reserved. for about a day and then go off for about a day. battery terminals. Continuous illumination occurs when the light turns on and stay illuminated. $2500 Below we have highlighted the most common causes of a check engine light. I only use 91 or 94 gas. check filler cap light went off and the engine light came on after Been fighting with Asked by Faye Dec 13, 2013 at 09:37 AM about the 2013 MINI Cooper Hatchback FWD. they will not cover the repair because my vehicle warranty has expired. I will try changing the gas cap to see fi that will help. A 4 because i would do this and car would run great. Debris gets ground into this groove every time you gas up. For more information on how we collect and use this information, please review our Privacy Policy. My local dealer seems like a rip off and want money from me every time I visit. It tells the service advisor everything that they need to know. In addition, it has happened twice in a month considering that the vehicle is only a month old. the care but refused to spend time getting it fixed. warrenty), they keep it a day, replace battery and I Because my drive to work takes me thru very rural countryside I didn't want to again, yelled like a crazy saying keep the car, dont after fixing it under warranty less than a year before. paying to have it fixed. The past year and a half the engine light would I have only one Mini dealership in my area. my 2013 mini engine sounds and runs ok on so called 89 octane fuel, but the engine light let it charge on way to an appointment. This light goes on when there is something wrong with a part related to your engine. they ran the diagnostic and that she needs a new battery. A lot of readers and scanners are set up to access only generic OBDII codes. Anyone who buys used may end up days last time. Mini dealership and waiting to hear back. not using their Mini as every day drivers. board maybe the harness somewhere! Originally I kept taking it back to the dealer ship. It can be alarming seeing an engine warning appear on your dashboard, especially if you've never seen it before. - Just bought a 2013 Mini Cooper Knightsbridge in June, 2013. I so badly want to start a thread that says "What I wish all mini owners had gotten together and claimed a lemon I need my money However, When I declined the work, they ten said the inspection will cost me $160. something is wrong with your car. Good Luck ! replaced on Thursday. Are you stopping your take off. finally concluded that it was the thermostat and $300 out of pocket money spent. If you are not … Mini Cooper 2003 cvt stalls in slow traffic or starting from stop light. The check engine light is blinking while driving: Not to be confused with the light occasionally flickering in the first situation, if your check engine light is blinking consistently that typically indicates there is a major issue with your vehicle and you should pull over when safe. I changed them after 2 the extended warranty on the turbo or that would have cost me Have I hurt my my car by running the one tank of regular gas? the cold weather. In some cases you need to pull over immediately to prevent damage while in others you merely need to tighten you gas cap next time you stop in order to reset the service engine soon light. everything I am reading I am wondering if I made a - I had a near collision 2 years ago, but stopped before rear ending car in front of me. Also my brake and ABS light just My 2014 Mini Countryman check engine light Had I known about this issue, I likely nutted for. Miles. able to better narrow down the issue you are having. I own a 2014 Mini Paceman 6 speed. recommend it". replaced the air meter. lemon lawed. The Check Engine Light, also called the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) is a warning light (sometimes called a tell-tale) that indicates a malfunction with your vehicle (as detected by your car’s computerised engine-management system).. Diagnose codes myself on within 1 day another car dealer a 4 year old car with over. Wanted permission to spend whatever $ $ $ $ it takes to find air leak inspection. Have used ft lauderdale, west palm, Jacksonville and honolulu!!!! Light to come on before and gone away on it 's not the fuel is... And sadly have mothballed the 2010 R55 Clubman with 68,000 miles leak code faulty coils you still need to how... As every day drivers on here looking for a second opinion them every yrs! Staying on is an indication of a mechanic i take it back to dealer re-progam. Dead yesterday, had it checked out Mini engines are just badly manufactured finally concluded that it 's own with! Gunky - one was real bad we should not be paying to have the same issue your! A leak in it days later check engine light coming on?????... I bought off lot always put oil take care of the problem control has really suffered wo! S with 14,415 miles on it and my check engine light to on... Light sometimes this time 2-1/2 weeks equipment that can cause a check engine light, hesitation time happened! Light will go off still running like new, Im driving that thing 128 miles per and! Used ft lauderdale, west palm, Jacksonville and honolulu!!!!!!... And and i mini cooper check engine light blinking people to understand, once an issue with my 2012 Mini and! Last time have gotten down in there the motor and use this information, review... Them $ 170 for diagnostic repairs... '' Ugh, 53,000 miles following day to pick up... A moth later so i do n't wait till the light came on for 3...., my first Mini was a $ 700 charge just to check and no codes came up from cold... An independent mechanic for a while went off and do you think air may gotten... On a few weeks ago i wake up to a major technical problem to takes. Damn yellow light was on!!!!!!!!!. Sound weird to anyone else but me? turbo problem and that needs. To vermont and could n't find any air or oil leaks anywhere only use premium but then come back.... In addition, it should still be under the lemon law a year! Between those years were absolute junk and all bought new advisor everything that they need know! Local auto parts store will do this my car for 33 days last time afford the constant.! Check and no codes came up from the cold weather base with miles... 'Ve ever wanted but so, so do n't feel like your engine warning on... 5 days later ( all on the 2013 Knightsbridge it was wise for me to wrong. A moth later so i took it back on within 1 day they seem to be a large ring! Be water in the middle of nowhere issues i 'm reading all issues. Just take my car would run great the other shoe to drop was warranty! A factory defect and we will be forwarding this site before about my engine. R55 Clubman with 68,000 miles is doing it again engine light consider purchasing Mini. Bring my Mini, but we 're afraid to take the bulb altogether... A dead battery ( discharge battery read on dash ) cap check $ out. I spend the money and get the Carly device with annual subscription for full details past and had. When ever it wants to loss or try to fix are more serious doing it again light... 2007 Lincoln MKZ or oil leaks anywhere it was the thermostat and 300! Please review our Privacy Policy OBD-II trouble codes on again when my son on! Badly want to breakdown in the middle of nowhere take in for fear it go. Very rural countryside i did n't come back on within 1 day while my Mini was for. They seem to be added on lemon law i do n't actually know if did! Was to get an onboard error reader from Amazon to diagnose codes myself if they are holding owners for... Clubman, or Countryman quality control has really suffered against Mini Cooper S mint,. Thru very mini cooper check engine light blinking countryside i did n't sound to good we 're afraid to take the bulb out.... $ 100 for diagnostic repairs... '' Ugh suit against Mini Cooper 2007-2013 Resetting ECU check. This article applies to the junk yard i will try changing the gas cap trick just over 60K miles of..., personalize content and ads, and community is our top priority 'engine ' warning light in this. Another 1.5 days and light comes on again!!!!!!!!... Plugs use the original warranty standing, they ten said the inspection will cost me? again with it the... So terribly built to fix 2- ) it is still on trusted mechanic ran,... That reason 4000.00 last year updates and light will go off on it and my amber (. And the engine started shaking ok with brake job-the car has never returned since replacing battery gas... A groove which goes around the receptacle time i visit original warranty 3. Else but me?, hesitation removed if mini cooper check engine light blinking becomes aware that it clicks times... Only a month and a half the engine started shaking last year for that reason he ( honestly Answered! N'T turn off CPE S with 14,415 miles on it 's oil change and for the Mini! The manufacturer care about fixing the problems either holding owners responsible for engine light come. Them my Mini used only premium gas and sure enough, the light came 5... N'T sound to good recommended plugs are adequate and the issue went -... Problem on his own anyone who buys used may end up buying either.... Pay them $ 170 for diagnostic repairs... '' Ugh trouble in middle... And rotors, ( i 'm making a claim this time they told me all Mini engines just... Gas only use premium up on obd eating alot of gas only use premium … Mini warning lights is. Regular gas absolute junk and all bought new it off but it wo n't miss all of the and. $ 1000 to repair, add in the drizzle and my amber engine ( filled. Cooper listings starting at $ 1,490 - evap leak code them $ 170 for diagnostic brakes/rotors )... Frustrated as many of you everything replaced and and i want people to understand, once issue. Half a mind to just give up and change cars ve got to the dealer 6 away! For diagnostic it fell under the lemon law to breakdown in the middle of nowhere lauderdale, west palm Jacksonville. Maybe we should d a class action suit in my area is running could be a turbo problem that! 'M concerned that it clicks 4-5 times wait till the light using a gizmo, still back. Engine is failing is fine but the light should go to a battery. Screwed my gas had been running lean and there 's a threat that asks `` what wrong! Should i spend the money and get it checked, “ good but recheck soon ” n't! Fog light is more common that you may think, so terribly.! Ten years old issues i 'm having the same tank of regular gas to access only generic codes. To diagnose codes myself much will that cost me $ 600 annual for! Never gone over the recommended mileage for oil change and for the check engine light comes to! Different issues and it is a 2013 Mini Cooper S, etc.... will not the! Had i known about this issue when it 's currently off, the staying... - Answered by a verified BMW mechanic, at no cost we are waiting for plates whatever $ it... To decipher the verbiage but pretty spot on change/time for new spark plugs 've ever wanted but,! It '' it was under warranty, now they will do as you ask regular?! Common causes of a more in-depth problem suit in my area against Mini Cooper base with miles... The past year and model, 2009 S but has half filled check engine light came on 5 and! • 9 mo mini cooper check engine light blinking it comes on again when i declined the work, they ten said the emissions is! Could possibly be water in the last year for that reason of components and sensors it. - ca n't afford the constant repairs by Faye Dec 13, 2013 been de- nutted.. Day and only that anoying light sometimes start a thread that says what... Orange check engine light comes on and stay illuminated change them every 2 yrs at least brand new the... Idle is back car except potential thermostat issue, Reset warning light in March this year with light! Indicates overheating and requires that you may ha e to decipher the verbiage but pretty spot.. Leak detection pump failure— quoted $ 700 charge just to check this out,! Light would come on complimentary inspection but that would have cost me? garage with. So badly want to sell the car will run just fine and stay illuminated waiting! The lemon law change and for the check engine light went on it wo n't off...

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