Nürnberg was a German light cruiser of the Leipzig-class, built as a follow-up to the Könisberg-class. Light Cruiser Nürnberg. Baltic Stripe Camouflage, Autumn 1941 – Improved weathering on baltic stripes – Added HD Kriegsmarine ensign – Replaced Ar 197 with historically accurate Ar 196 (camouflage scheme is based on the Ar 196 present on the Tirpitz in 1943) The design for the first four ships suffered from a number of problems, and so the fifth and sixth ships were substantially redesigned. The cruiser was laid down in the same year and launched on April 28 th.She was christened by the mayor of Nürnberg, Dr Georg von Schuh and commissioned into the German Fleet on April 10 th, 1908.As the city of Nürnber had two … Wikimedia Commons has media related to World War II cruisers of Germany This category is for cruisers designed, built, or operated by Germany during World War II (1939–1945). Free shipping for many products! The M-class cruisers were a class of light cruisers planned, but never built, by Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine before World War II.The ships were designed for commerce raiding in the Atlantic Ocean. Vice Admiral Maximilian von Spee sent the light cruiser SMS Nürnberg along with the collier Titania to attack the station on 7 September 1914 while his East Asia Squadron was crossing the Pacific, en route to South America. The firepower of the cruiser was significant, and should a battle take place in Copenhagen, the cruiser could be a serious threat to the members of the Danish resistance movement and others who were to fight one last battle against the German occupying power. Product Details. Armed with a main battery of nine 15 cm (5.9 in) guns in three triple turrets, Leipzig had a top speed of 32 knots (59 km/h; 37 mph). Leipzig was laid down in April 1928, was launched in October 1929, and was commissioned into the Reichsmarine in October 1931. Some sources regard the Leipzig and Nürnberg to be of separate, distinct ship, classes. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for German ww2 Kriegsmarine German cruiser Nürnberg Gerhardt Böhmig Large binocular at the best online prices at eBay! Nürnberg was a German light cruiser of the Leipzig class built for the Kriegsmarine.She was named after the city of Nuremberg and had one sister ship, Leipzig. After World War II, Nürnberg was moved to the Soviet Union and recalled after Admiral Makarov. The ship carried a main armament of nine 15 cm SK C/25 guns, as well as two torpedo tubes and a variety of anti-aircraft defences. Leipzig was the lead ship of her class of light cruisers built by the German navy. Pages in category "World War II cruisers of Germany" Köln was built by the Deutsche Werke shipyard in Kiel; she was laid down in August 1926, launched … Named after the Bavarian city, Nürnberg was ordered in January of 1906 to replace the aging aviso Blitz of 1883. Köln was a light cruiser, the third member of the Königsberg class that was operated between 1929 and March 1945, including service in World War II.She was operated by two German navies, the Reichsmarine and the Kriegsmarine.She had two sister ships, Königsberg and Karlsruhe. She had one sister ship, Nürnberg. The Fanning Raid was an action of the First World War involving a successful German attack on the Fanning island cable relay station. Therefore the German light cruiser NÜRNBERG was moored in Copenhagen Freeport. German cruiser Nürnberg. The German Kriegsmarine, Nürnberg Ship Information, Light Cruiser, Nürnberg, Leichter Kreuzer 1934 - 1961, Nürnberg class The Nürnberg, was a German light cruiser of the Leipzig class called after the city of Nuremberg. Nürnberg was laid down in 1934, launched in December of that year, and completed in November 1935.She was armed with a main battery of nine 15 cm (5.9 in) guns in three triple turrets and …

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