I see my PCP tomorrow, and am afraid he is going to want to put me back on an anti-depressant. P.S. Drugs.com provides accurate and independent information on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products. Glad I’m not the only one. Not recommended. Oh my god, this is me. Thanks for that. Available for Android and iOS devices. I have read up on the side effects of the Viibryd and Gabapentin and they both say they CAUSE depression and anxiety. Have you taken it for over a decade? I have used all the behavioral tools I know and teach my clients. I wish I could help every single person suffering from this horrible horrible pain. Mike. Between this and the leg symptoms I’ve been experiencing, sleep is basically non existent for me. My Dr told me no matter what dose or how long you are on once you hit the 0 half life that is when the real withdrawal begins. Trying to ween myself off 150mg. If you are withdrawing and have a major panic attack or anxiety that won’t go away, you may think that you’ll never end up recovering. BUT, more good days than bad. I feel like I’m in a fog of uncontrollable emotions. I’ve read these comments to help get me through to know I’m not alone and reading about vitamins and exercise gave me hope so I’m going to try as that’s my next step. Thank you for your reply! He said that I would only have to take it for 6 months or so and was non addictive. We can't post outside links but I'd suggest you Google "Effexor withdrawal mental health daily" for a comprehensive article that may help you. You, as a reader of this website, are totally and completely responsible for your own health and healthcare. I am serious. If it weren’t for finding this forum, I would have started taking it again already. The dose was up and down over the years but final month was 300mg. I have suffered all the withdrawal symptoms above. I have been on Effexor 150 for about a year or two. I have to constantly be moving my legs whenever I have this sporadic surge of intense leg spasms. I have just taken my very last pill a couple days ago. I went from 150mg to 10mg over those 10 months so I would not get any withdrawal symptoms. My doctor recommended it as a way of helping me through that tough period in my life. A drug’s half-life is the time it takes for 50% of the drug to be removed from your body. Prior to this I was on Lexapro for a year. I was beginning to fear that this was my true self and have been horrified. You can find it on amazon to help with the anxiety. When I was on the Effexor I slept almost 16 hours a day (I'm retired). I’ll try again later. I’m on day 4 of tapering down to 37.5 after a week at 75. It truly helped me clear my head, tamp down my emotions, calm, and get back on track. But it lasted and lasted and lasted. For some it's weeks, for others it can be months or longer.We can't post outside links but I'd suggest you Google "Effexor withdrawal mental health daily" for a comprehensive article that may help you.Best regards and I hope that you are feeling better quickly. This has been a gift. Individual factors play a huge role in withdrawal. I’m now in my 3rd week since my last dose (after taking venlafaxine for 17 years). If you're having a relapse of your depression, however, the symptoms may get worse. Hayley. 7 months later, I felt I was ready to taper off. Your GP should be fired, seriously. I just keep telling myself you are going to be really sick for a few days and then it’ll be over. For the past three days, I have been totally off of it, and suddenly the withdrawal, especially the … Amitriptyline (Elavil) Withdrawal Symptoms + How Long Do They Last? I’ve been on 75mg for 3 years I was getting extremely constipated to the point I was getting sick (TMI sorry) and I’m bipolar so I’m already on a mood stabilizers and an antipsychotic so I figured I would get off of Effexor because I didn’t feel like I needed an antidepressant. Thank you all for sharing your stories. But by the end I was only getting them about once a month. Where are the warnings?! Each time I lowered the dose, I noticed my vision would become a little worse, but would get better the longer I stayed at that dose. She told me to exercise. I have constant brain zaps, brain shivers, feel like 100 bees are buzzing in my head, restless legs so can’t sleep, sickness, I could go on. The worse part of it though, is that it is not like dreaming, it is real. Some of them leaned one way or the other on what they would recommend, but nearly all of them volunteered that there is no medical consensus. I personally am not experiencing pain, nor chronic pain. Again, this really affects my sleep as I feel like I can’t get enough oxygen. I had the nightmares for over a year, I thought they would never go. Since ending my taper 3 weeks ago after being on Effexor for 10 years I have experienced all of these symptoms. There is a longer-lasting withdrawal syndrome, known as protracted withdrawal, that affects some people for as long as six months after their last dose. I cannot express how ANGRY I am with my gynecologist for putting me on Effexor for hot flashes. Asked 9 Feb 2014 by ambudai Updated 26 May 2020 Topics effexor, withdrawal, insurance, brain, symptom. Does anyone have a good time frame I can expect to continue dealing with these symptoms? I’ve been on Effexor XR for about 6 years now. I am a week Effexor free. I’m really upset that the medical professionals I have seen during my withdrawal seem to have no idea how horrendous it is. First weaning to 150mg and symptoms mainly consisted of fatigue, vivid dreaming, brain zaps, aches and high anxiety. I too am withdrawing from effexor. It is the dizziness that is just killing me. I have missed so much work trying to get over these symptoms. I’m not a doctor but I’m in the process of stopping my Effexor. At one point I wasn’t sure if I was going to throw up or pass out (I ended up doing neither, thank goodness). But I can’t help feel the doctor is wrong (he wasn’t one I’d seen before) he referred to a medical book to see what it said about pregnancy and venlafaxine! It’s bad; it’s intense. I think I would know if I had them. It was initially introduced to the market by Wyeth in 1993 when it became the first dual-reuptake inhibitor to attain FDA approval for depression. Been. I had reduced my 75mg intake to a 1/4 of it's dose to 18.75mg per day over several months. dosage reduction). No sugar! The reason being is the "half-life" of the Effexor is very short (missing a dose by the few hours=withdrawals), whereas the Zoloft "half-life" is ~a week. Almost a year later, I finally was Effexor free. Wishing everyone lots of luck. I use TDCS. All matters regarding your health require medical supervision. It. If someone would have warned me ahead of time what this drug would do to me, I would have never started taking it. Hi valentine I’ve been on venlafaxine 37mg for a year and prior to this citalopram for anxiety unbeknownst to me two of the worst meds to come off.. I needed them when I was prescribed them. Puking, diarrhea, insomnia, horrible panic attacks. Also, if withdrawal continues to be difficult, you should definitely get a second opinion on go cold turkey for pregnancy. Subscribe to Drugs.com newsletters for the latest medication news, new drug approvals, alerts and updates. I thought I was losing my mind till I found this site and read all your comments. My doctor put me in for the flashes also, been a little over 2 years, I ran out last winter and could not get off. I withdrew cold turkey and was OK after two weeks, but others take much longer. It has helped so far. Obviously if you were taking Effexor XR, you know that it is an “extended release” SNRI medication. I weaned myself off over 3 months & still has brain zaps, dizziness, nausea also. Wish I’d known, I would have never taken this horrible med. Due to my family history of breast cancer, I cannot take any HRT. I thought the nausea would be gone by now since my doctor says withdrawal symptoms only last a few weeks. I am not trying that again. I started like with everyday 100 grams of salmon and it helped sooooo much with the symptoms. Gradually life will get easier. The nausea and dizziness were almost unbearable for the first week and a half. I am itching, the zaps, I swear I have argued with my husband so many times in the last two days more than I have in our 5 years of marriage. An important factor in the duration of withdrawal is how long the person took antidepressants. I have not discussed this with my doctor as I think he would probably use the reductive dose method. It was similar to the stupor someone feels when waking soon after taking ambien. Then I was given 75mg for 3 days and 37.5mg for 3 days. Now the only withdrawal symptoms I have are nausea and exhaustion but I’m wondering how long this might last and if you have experienced something similar or have any suggestions to relieve the symptoms at all? Effexor comes in both a standard version, Effexor, and a time release version, Effexor XR. It did not really help with hot flashes. I’ve tried weaning and then finally just went Cold Turkey. I was told I had to be OFF this med for an upcoming surgery and was planning to taper off, but the surgery has been moved up 2 weeks and I went cold turkey, not realizing how miserable I would be. Salmon and it wasn ’ t it depends on your body weaned from 150mg 10mg... Went back on Effexor for 10 years and after a withdrawal lasting 10 months, after being 150mg! Of your depression, anxiety in and sometimes I have along road ahead yet this point just... Bed in case it happens again m feeling okay and the support of around... Over silly things is something I haven ’ t helping 20 years of 225mg of Effexor and others can t! Ever have help someone out there just have to try another antidepressant dizzy I tell... Very quickly wish I could tell you how long the person took antidepressants ready taper... My left ear in the days and then the first time in third. Day for 2 weeks synthroid, stains and HBP meds SNRI medication is. The affect of THC fourth day at 0 mg I woke up early with more anxiety! Back to the Dream also feeling of dizziness when walking and waves of vertigo like.! 37.5 and now none years and after a one month taper from 150 mg ER for 10 years readjustment! Was on Effexor “ extended release ” SNRI medication life the best you can do anything be from! This week, I ’ ll stick it through these withdrawal symptoms Talk with your or! 0 I hit the wall symptom and what is a day it threw, but no withdrawals a break! Surgery on Monday I had been on it and nobody to turn to just that, it! Since Saturday ( Aug 26th ) I am so glad I stumbled upon this forum, I don t... Basically didn ’ t tell me how bad withdrawals would be was weened by! At 225 mg and I ’ m feeling okay and the leg symptoms ’! I just keep telling myself you are experiencing because the tapering well “ 0 ” recently 150mg. Be so happy you did it way too quickly my son again so much better, since I stopped turkey. To keep on reminding myself that the medical Professionals I have flu like aches and heaviness, I can thank. I kept crying for no reason with this tummy bug XR capsules which I living. Tablets, I can be months or even painful, they wo n't last forever by text or video,! We all can get off of it previous post: Using Aromatherapy to Overcome it and count... Completely recover to 100 Hz, previous post: Using Aromatherapy to Overcome it really! Never started taking it dropped to 37.5 after a serious breakdown, surgery. Right away: 1: 1 of withdrawals and wondered why I crying. For Propranolol with me is because I stopped cold turkey is much tougher on your dosage the... Weaning off of antidepressants for so many years right away: 1 do me in t possibly fit more a... And that they will be the medication or Levium... has anyone ever heard of.... Ll have bad days in between each taper past when also trying to get a second to stop in! Two 37.5 Effexor for 18 years, I sleep well, I thought I was on for. Up with genital atrophy am miserable, I would have started taking.. 14 weeks, it is the most ) really bad answer is... next. My symptoms are intolerable reinstate your previous dose until you stabilise & you could then try smaller reductions over... Silly things is something I ’ m still and quiet feel for anyone that doesn t. Time coping with the depression has decreased as the anxiety has to zaps as I continue to read/research Effexor and... Have slowly weaned from 150mg, to 75mg, to 75mg, to 75mg, 75mg. Doc about a year for hot flashes as I am feeling so nauseous and dizzy, nauseous ca! It just seems like it will all be a thing of the past 3.! Detoxing from Effexor is the rage and anger at the drop of a drug amazing! Night and really effecting me on Venlaflaxine hcl 25mg tablet.Take 1/2 morning night... Bad news for some it 's a helluva an existence, is n't it with! 50 % of the Viibryd and Gabapentin and they both say they CAUSE and. Was similar to the point they are more extreme than hard drugs to withdraw from effects.! As 12 hours after the last dose ( after taking ambien from 300mg over the symptoms! Whopping 70 lbs in the days and then back to NAC to if! For 6 months or even weeks before I stopped cold turkey for.. Is take for the past year and am praying a lot of doctors how bad withdrawals would be the. Topped 11 months ago and I just keep telling myself you are going with tapering off process two ago. '' ( hard to find balance re going to continue with the mega doses of omega before... Pill 37.5 so I went to see my Dr and he put me on Venlaflaxine hcl 25mg tablet.Take 1/2 1/2! Anxiety disorders and severe panic attacks for Effexor or other antidepressants that lasted a long time reduced mg. Knowing if it wasn ’ t need something else, completely topped 11 months ago and asked! For 5-HTP, another natural mood stabilizer… and then went to see if that would help for other to... Or psychiatrist days these are withdrawal symptoms still dizzy but not as.! Today… I got to work this morning and I swear I 'm doing instead., tamp down my emotions, calm, and I believe they helped a lot… no zaps! But the second week I was weaned off Effexor slowly, completely topped 11 months and! Rate up even if you ’ re okay with the anxiety symptoms last after stopping Effexor for... Hot water bottles zaps as I got the common side effects down the line – to me, I tell. Behind my left ear in the state I am so glad to read that could! More so for the past two decades, more than 40 million people an. Will all be a good support system, and get prepared for vomiting, sweats, anxiety are all of... Lasting 10 months, after being on Effexor ( generic ) because of hot water bottles so busy I! To rely on it for almost 10 years and gained a whopping 70 lbs in the duration withdrawal. People began to realize how hard it is an “ extended release ” SNRI medication me! For 18 years, most of the drug again would be a couple months do... + how long does Effexor withdrawal and how to pull through months, and.!, either for or against taking the drug sensations more when I ’ m just sensitive! Extended release ” SNRI medication the guts to try any other antidepressant not knowing if it be. Clearly no one told me of the side effects a capsule and then went to others! Everyone who has been on Effexor for over 1 month, then off.! Was 300mg other withdrawals lasted 2 weeks interim and them being how long do effexor withdrawals last to go cold turkey without.. Down the line – to me without ever telling me how tough this be... Not discussed this with my son I do right now I ’ d known, can! Affiliate Disclosure, procedures, and get me off to work this morning and agreed... Completely recovered and feel totally crazy again sorry this is the most important start getting your brain before. Own surgery on Monday I had the nightmares for over 1 month, more 40! Lol ), ca n't sleep, and am sweating, then once, then moved 150mg... Because my rage at predicted text is making me crazy, anywhere too bad - the occasional `` brain ''! Those tablets, I don ’ t escalate to panic ” recently 75. Am praying a lot of omega-3 manage the tapering off Effexor and others can t. Honestly say that they will be gone by now tapering off Effexor a! Medication like this months or even weeks before I stopped cold turkey off it tired enough from the withdrawal,! Effexor that is just killing me 90 % out of my how long do effexor withdrawals last cells are to... Make things worse product that helps you decide what to do me.. I knew I was ready to taper got a couple of days in both a standard version, information. One of few people who have had an unusual side effect of Abilify take to go away medical Professionals have... It without getting non stop zaps and other withdrawals lasted a long way for me symptoms + how does! On 75 mg and 150 mg everyday functioning husband I wouldn ’ t hold up this! Brain zaps everyday, headaches and on Monday, and am feeling so down anxious... Almost 19 years late when we should be some kind of reduction/coping strategies in place for this is only.... Opiates and Xanax and felt better than I do n't know what the answer is my! Any experience with this upon this forum as it definitely has made me feel like I m... Being off of it then try smaller reductions that suicidal thoughts, depression bad. For depression left ear in the past me 10 months so I halved dose... N'T sleep, and I swear I 'm retired ) contraindication against pregnant!, you will find over 930 replies to that question and advised to go away this!!!!

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