As they point out... you can't buy a genuine MOSFET R/R for $50US. Lith-ion batteries are not always compatible with an OEM (or OEM-style) rectifier/regulator. I got 14.39 volts at tick over, this was measured on the old ancillary socket on the MK3 live terminal and timing cover - which still has the original wiring. The RMSTATOR regulator is designed around the optimal parameters for these factors. The MAX1640/MAX1641 are available in space-saving, 16-pin narrow QSOP packages. Fixation holes center to center: 74 mm, Other specifications:  Universal Lithium-Ion Batteries Compatible Mosfet Voltage Regulator for Honda Kawasaki Polaris Suzuki Triumph Yamaha PLEASE NOTE : This voltage regulator is ONLY for lithium batteries THIS IS NOT FOR LEAD ACID BATTERIES.Output Voltage is the key factor in a voltage regulator designed specifically for Lithium batteries. Orders for delivery within the UK are sent by Courier. Straight from Shindengen these are the Best selling upgrade R/Rs on the planet. Tried that today, how on earth do you get your hands on those connectors? if (emelements[i].getAttribute("src") === "smiley_smile.png") { $44.95. $98.50. The Shindengen Mosfet regulators have been a life saver for thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts. Do you need connectors? We have even included the opposite connector (main harness side) as we know these are often melted / corroded / defective and a major cause for repetitive electrical issues. Lithium batteries have different charging requirements than Lead Acid or AGM batteries that can severely affect their lifespan and performance. Regulator/Rectifier Wire-to-Battery. I replaced it with one of the very light weight Li Fe Shorai batteries. Rick's part #14-117 is a direct plug in that is made with a lower set point to work with Lithium Ion batteries. I purchased the The Super Mosfet Kit FH020AA for $139.95 + $6.50 shipping. I think I see the correct ones, a 3 yellow wire one which I assume are the stator wires and a 2 wire one, white/green. Did you know that just switching to a lithium battery is not always a save and wise choice? Generous 20 amp rating exceeds the requirements of 10 amp, 16 amp and 14.5 amp two and three wire stators commonly used on British bikes. RM30514H. Add to cart. Replaces these genuine manufacturers part numbers: For full application / interchanges listing, please see our part Application / Fitment section below, Dimensions: I assume that the MOSFET regulator you are releasing introduces a resistive-load on the stator, rather than a short-cut (at over-voltage) as the OEM SCR based regulator does. The RMSTATOR regulator has a carefully set output voltage of 14.1VDC (+/- 0.1VDC). lithium-ion batteries on motorcycles, dirt bikes, and ATVs, especially vintage restoration projects. Brand new Mosfet voltage regulator rectifier THAT WORKS WITH LITHIUM BATTERIES ONLY It runs cooler than all SCR diode-style OEM regulators. } Murray buys his from Roadster Cycle. This is a Rick's Motorsport Electrics brand new Aftermarket Rectifier/Regulator for the Yamaha R6 and FZ6 Rick's part has a lith ion friendly voltage set … Designed to work with a lower voltage point of 14v +/-.2. Replacement Mosfet Regulator Rectifier | Universal. You forked out the cash for that fancy lithium ion battery.Now you can protect that investment with the proper charging system. AC/DC Valve Control Regulator/Rectifier. $64.90. I have thought about replacing the 14 Amp hour in my MK3 to lose some weight, but I can make the same saving by leaving a few litres out of Interstate tank. Operation Temperature: -20⁰ to 85⁰. Charging voltage ripple in a powersports application is the difference between the highest and lowest voltages from the voltage regulator output. Stop burning your voltage regulator rectifier! The RMSTATOR Lithium regulator is able to maintain a less than 4 Volts output ripple, compared to verified test results of our competitors 8 volts. When we tried to fit it the rectifier has three inputs but I have only 2 wires from my alternator. The unit has other safety features such as low voltage ripple and a thermal cut out the that will simply switch the unit off if becomes too hot. Rick's Motorsport Electrics offers their Hot Shot Aftermarket Lithium Ion Compatable Rectifier Regulator for Ducati models with OE# 540.4.019.1A and 540.4.027.1A. By nature, a common shunt style voltage regulator will have a fairly high voltage ripple due to the regulation shunt switches opening and closing frequently. } Details. The FH020AA is what Yamaha uses on a number of their motorcycles. Manufactured in the UK. } I am upgrading the electrical on a 1980. Super effiecient 'MOSFET' regulator rectifier. Brand new Mosfet voltage regulator rectifier. The Alton alternator is single phase not 3, so connect the 2 Alton wires to any 2 of the 3 rectifier input wires. No voltage regulator can work correctly with a bad or weak battery. they dont .know will have to contact the manufacture. Add to Cart. Having an alton starter with a lithium battery fitted I had the charge checked and found it was 16 volts ,not good for a lithium battery.. After reading the article in RH 392 by Smiffy I rang Moto Electrical and they told me what I needed and I ordered a Mosfet rectifier. Add to Cart. Protect your investment in an expensive lithium battery with our lithium battery voltage regulator! I read on this forum about a specific lithium ion battery rectifier/regulator for the hawk gt. The key factors in safe and reliable lithium battery charging are the output DC voltage ripple and average output voltage. **This rec-reg is not for use with standard lead acid batteries. Regulator Rectifier - Honda: Cbr600rr (03 On), Cbr900rr, Vtr1000 Spy, Vtr1000 Spi . Rating Required. If in doubt charge your battery and have it load tested, or simply replace it. $115.00 - $137.00 (3 reviews) Write a Review Write a Review × Rick's Motorsports Electrics UNIVERSAL (TYPE-B) FIELD-EXCITED 3-PHASE REGULATOR/RECTIFIER FOR LEAD ACID AND LITHIUM BATTERIES. Protect your investment in an expensive lithium battery with our lithium battery voltage regulator! I figured I might as well check the rest of the electrical and replace the RR as well with the MOSFET one. Rick's part # 14-109 is a replacement for Vintage Honda Street Bikes with OE# 31600-KV8-681 or 31600-413-008. I believe you can order it at Hordpower by Rick's Motosport Electrics. This is particularly important if you’re installing a lithium battery, as they are not tolerant of excess voltage, or undercharging. WORKS WITH LITHIUM BATTERIES ONLY. Optimate Lithium Battery Charger Trickle charger specifically designed for LI-ION batteries. This Reg/Rec is for Type-B Charging systems Only. The DRZ400 factory wiring loom is subject to losses, wiring the regulator/rectifier DC output directly to the battery will gain approximate 1.0 volts to 1.5 volts in the DRZ400 electrical system FB-11 Fuse Box ... 12V MOSFET Regulator/Rectifier Pre-wired to fit your motorcycle! moelements[i].innerHTML="Latest" + moelements[i].innerHTML; for (var i = 0; i < felements.length; i++) { It runs cooler than all SCR diode-style OEM regulators. Click and collect | Order by 3pm for same day dispatch, Regulator Rectifier | Arctic Cat | Snowmobiles | 2009-2017, Regulator | Arctic Cat | Bearcat Cheetah & More | 1986-2002, Regulator Rectifier | Honda | CB + CM | 1978-1996, Regulator Rectifier | Honda | CB Models | 1975-1978, Regulator Rectifier | Honda + Suzuki | VFR + TL1000 | 1986-2001, Regulator Rectifier | Honda | TRX300/FW Fourtrax | 1988-1992, Regulator Rectifier | Honda | TRX 300 Big Red Fourtrax | 1993-2000, Regulator Rectifier | Honda | CX500 | 1978-1981, Regulator Rectifier | Honda | Goldwing | 1985-1986, Regulator Rectifier | Honda + Aprilia | CB NSS VT RXV SXV | 2001-2006, Regulator Rectifier | Honda | TRX250 TRX400 | 1997-2005, Regulator Rectifier | Honda | XR650L | 1993-2018, Regulator Rectifier | Honda | VT600 Shadow | 1988-2007, Regulator Rectifier | Honda | CBR1100XX + VFR750F | 1990-1998, Regulator Rectifier | Honda | CBR900RR + 600RR | 2000-2006, Regulator Rectifier | Honda | CBR1100XX 1137cc VTX1800C, -F, --N, -R, -S, -T | 1999-2008, Regulator Rectifier | Honda | CBR954RR | 2002-2003, Regulator Rectifier | Honda | Kymco | Aprilia | Sym | 1994-2004, Regulator Rectifier | Honda | VF700 750 | 1982-1990, Regulator Rectifier | Honda | XL600V | 1989-1999, You agree that Motoelectrical can contact you via email. if ( sel.options[i].value == "17" ) { Brand new Mosfet voltage regulator rectifier. I only ever read that the regulator runs cooler but nothing mentions effects on the stator. I was introduced to them a few years ago and liked how they performed so much that I started the Mosfet regulator upgrade industry around them. Electrical. The ideal charging voltage for Lithium batteries is 13.9-14.2VDC. I thought, this could be a good idea; i still have the oem rr but use a lithium ion battery by jmt (jmt hjtx9-fp). Limited 12 months Warranty Offered on all products except CDIs. Brand new custom made design featuring 1000mm lead - suitable for models with regulator rectifiers mounted away from the battery. I read on this forum about a specific lithium ion battery rectifier/regulator for the hawk gt. WORKS WITH LITHIUM BATTERIES ONLY. 12.81V Did a 30 second discharge of running lights, no head light, 12.31V Started and running at 1200 rpm cold 14.8V ]]>, -1 && mo1 < 50) ){ A rec/reg that is designed to produce a voltage of 14.5 volts DC (Vdc) across the battery terminals works great with a lead-acid battery. I tried for an hour. This feature protects your expensive lithium battery, generator and the regulator itself. Vectriq. if (window.location.href.slice(-26) == "/node/add/forum?forum_id=0"){ In theory i could overload the battery. Delivery time is 1-2 days. This reg/rec is our go-to solution for all our BMW Airhead, and vintage Moto Guzzi builds. This stable and ideal output voltage carefully keeps a lithium battery in it’s ideal charging range. UNIVERSAL (TYPE-B) FIELD-EXCITED 3-PHASE REGULATOR/RECTIFIER FOR LEAD ACID AND LITHIUM BATTERIES Rick's Motorsports Electrics. 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