This weekend, I accomplished 3 DC firsts. These were 3¬†quintessentially¬†“DC” things to do, that I hadn’t done in my 16 years in the place I call home:

  • Visited the farmers’ markets in the Eastern Market/Capitol Hill area
  • Cherry Blossom Festival at the Tidal Basin
  • Jazz on U Street (Bohemian Caverns, unique atmosphere, good food, great music)

It made me think about all the other things I haven’t discovered in this amazing city and the surrounding area, which inspired¬†me to compile a sort of “bucket list” but for the summer. This is going to be a live list that I’d like to tick off and blog about as I accomplish these things.

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As an IT consultant who subcontracts from various companies, I enter my hours in at least 3 different systems on any given day.

  1. My own company’s system hosted on Freshbooks – This is the master copy since my invoicing is driven by it
  2. Quickbooks, two of my clients use it and require me to enter hours in there for accurate billing
  3. GHG’s Timesheet software – err… this abomination of an app barely functions, forget asking for an API

I want to be able to record hours on all 3 systems in one click or even from my iPhone.

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