Security Now Episodes

Security Now! is a security-focused podcast by Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson, on the TWiT network. I’ve been listening to it off-and-on since 2007. One admirable thing about this podcast is they have transcripts of every episode. But the search functionality on Steve Gibson’s site leaves a lot to be desired, so I created a free site for the community that also groups similar episodes together and allows you to search for terms and phrases.

Tech used: Ruby on Rails, SOLR/Sunspot for full text indexing, hosting on heroku, using Postgres as a DB.


Local Opus

Local Opus is a site that aggregates classical music concerts across the Washington D.C. area (with plans to expand to the top 10 metro areas in the U.S. and, ultimately, to other countries/languages). The idea of Local Opus was to answer the question, “Tell me when Beethoven’s 9th Symphony is playing in my city.” Local Opus is unique in its ability to not only allow you to “follow” composers, pieces of music, artists or ensembles, but also email users notifying them of upcoming concerts and related events.

Tech Used: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, SOLR for concert searches, Ember.js for the Admin UI


CMS Harbor

In 2013, I co-founded a company where our first product was a CMS Harbor is a Content Management System (CMS) aggregation site designed to do a better job of consolidating CMS reviews and comparisons from across the web than current leaders like CMS Matrix. Our strategy was to use better design to highlight areas of a CMS that are important to most users, rather than a massive matrix of options.


Plan Swiftly

With Plan Swiftly, users can plan activities such as potlucks and beach trips with large groups. Built as part of the RailsRumble 2013 competition, Plan Swiftly allows users to  list all the items that are needed for an event, and then have each participant take responsibility for bringing a particular item. As part of a long-term plan for the tool, my teammates and I also brainstormed ways to enable an event host to accept payments from the rest of the group.

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