Show: Record of Youth Number: Season 1, Episode 12 Airdate: Oct 13, 2020 at 21:00 Runtime: 90 minutes Writer: Ha Myung Hee Director: Ahn Gil Ho ⛊ Record of Youth. Network: tvN. As they discuss Gramps’ new television commercial, she asks Young-nam if he could buy some drinks, but Gramps doesn’t want his son to go. I am cool if they stay together and I am cool if she chooses Hae Hyo but If JA and HJ break up, honestly so what! As he falls on the ground, Jin Woo cries for Hye Jun who is nowhere to be found. Plus he liked her BEFORE Hye Jun did and before they were in a relationship. Even though the sun has fallen and half the staff is sleeping, Jung-ha’s actor has yet to film her scenes. There's nothing really happening and yet there's too much happening. HH is winning man. Download and watch online Record of Youth: Episode 12 As the more famous our actor gets, the harder it becomes for him to shield his loved ones from the ugly side of the entertainment industry. I only skipped to the scenes of Lee Sung-Kyung . Will Hye-jun really break up with Jeong-ah before he enlists in the army? Plus, her character is a vital element to test Hye Jun and Jeong Ha’s relativity and trust to each other. Jung-ha kindly explains how these little details show up on screen, so the actor complies. Realizing her sincere thoughts, Hye Jun softly tells her that he loves her more than she thinks. It also explains why Jung-ha went with Hae-hyo after the awards ceremony because it wasn’t just Hae-hyo who needed comfort in that moment—she needed it, too. Your perspective is just different from mine. With Park Bo-Gum, Park So-dam, Woo-Seok Byeon, Shin Dong-mi. It’s clear from how she treats both HJ and Jin U’s mom. It couldn't be the acting, can it? "[T]he concept of have and have-nots also applies to the idea of physical looks...". Record of Youth stars Park Bo-gum as Hye-Joon, Park So-dam as Jung-ha and Byeon Woo-seok as Hae-Hyo. Record of Youth Episode 12. Jeong Ha explains that the people he loves want to share the burdens and pain. I want some “come to Jesus“ moments. Hae-Hyo didn't inspire me much confidence from the start, when he did the generous one without wondering what he had done to deserve all those followers. Hae-na avoids Yi-young’s calls and sneaks out of the house to meet Jin-woo. As they head out of the restaurant, the two are suddenly stalled by two women asking for pictures. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; Jia now wants what she discarded (Hye-joon) because he is now famous. Jung-ha watches Jia’s interview as does Hye-joon’s family. Later on, Ji-A shows up … Along with the money, Hye-joon sent Ae-sook a text, asking her if she remembered his promise from middle school. We Are Providing Chinese Subtitles On Our Official Website icdrama tv Everyday. As a result, Hae-hyo now has a connection to Jung-ha that Hye-joon will never understand, and somewhat unconsciously, I think Jung-ha is leaning on Hae-hyo more and more for support. He asks about Yi-young, and Ae-sook tells him that she went out—though she surmises that it must be an unwelcome meeting. Said friend is actor Jin Seo-woo (cameo by Lee Sung-kyung) who dances in a studio when Hye-joon enters. Just to be clear, I’m not saying HH is wrong for having feelings for Jung Ha. I love your "come to jesus" moment. Feeling guilt over not keeping her promise, Ae-sook told Young-nam that she didn’t want to accept it. As I said, I don't know what relationship could survive in this culture. (Source: Netflix) Record of Youth Episode 13. Sinopsis Record of Youth menceritakan tentang kehidupan orang-orang muda di dunia modeling. But... this episode just fell flat. Kim Young-kwang and Choi Kang-hee in latest stills for Hello? Young-nam jokes that he would be too perfect then, and the pair chuckle at his comment. Most guys like the girls that are not interested in them, that is not uncommon, like at all. However, the tables have turned, and now Hye-joon stands in the side of the “haves.” Unlike Hae-hyo who used to have everything, it’s now Hye-joon who has the big break, fame, and girl. He doesn’t want to show his vulnerability, but it’s exhausting to always take the high road. In response, he inches closer to her on the couch and holds out his hand. He asks if she saw Jia’s interview, and Jung-ha admits that she felt bad after watching it. Sementara mimpi adalah kemewahan yang tidak semua orang mampu, hasrat … All The 'Reply 1988' References In 'Record Of Youth' (So Far) It's an icky business, especially when the good things, the things you value, such as the relationship between JA and HJ is put in jeopardy. They talked about his postponed enlistment, as well as his upcoming drama with Hae Hyo. Hae Na hurriedly shows her brother the clip of Jia’s interview, but he says he’s more interested in Jeong Ha’s live video. In some ways, he’s experiencing similar feelings to her concerning Hye-joon in the sense that both of them feel like he’s shining too brightly and quickly for them to catch up. She realized that he was the real deal, and now that she couldn’t have him, she wanted him even more. These parallels are leading me to believe that the lack of emotion is done on purpose, to symbolize the slow cracks in their relationship. No matter what he does, people want to believe what they think is the truth rather than facts. October 16, 2020. Adding salt to the wound, now Gramps is cashing in on his good looks, too, which is a surprise to Young-nam. Hae-hyo’s manager shares a Chinese idiom, and Jung-ha interprets for Hae-hyo. Again, he lashes out at those he thinks he can control, but as soon as they gain more power, he submits as he does with Hye-joon. As she stands alone the shed, the person that we thought of came — Hae Hyo. There relationship seems more like best friends than lovers. Yuck. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Upon bringing up Hae Hyo’s name, he’s reminded of their argument over Jia’s interview. Thus, to Young-nam, it probably feels unfair to see Hye-joon make money so “easily” when he also works diligently to the point of ruining his health yet he makes a fraction of Hye-joon’s pay. To Hye Jun’s surprise, Seo Woo nonchalantly remarks that the two of them are dating. Hye Jun only thinks to use his fame and connections to help his girlfriend after Hae Hyo does it, lol. I just wish this happened about 4 episodes ago. Koreans feel like the work celebs do is too easy for the amount of money they make, so they should just take everything thrown at them with a smile. Trust is much more fragile than love.”. Seo-woo is so quick knowing right away Hye-joon was promoting his make-up artist girlfriend. But why the stiffness and the emotional dryness between them? Seo Woo explains that her actual makeup artist is on the leave, while she’s being attended by a new artist. Looking how this chapter ends, the romantic tension slowly building up, as Hae Hyo enters into Jeong Ha’s home, foreshadows the increasing gap between the couple’s relationship. js = d.createElement(s); = id; Like Hye Jun and Jeong Ha drifting... it just came out of nowhere? }; Superb recap @lovepark. By Priyanka Sundar Published on : 03:30 PST, Oct 27, 2020. Through Hye-joon we see the unwanted attention he also receives because of his looks, and just as jokes at the expense of the “ugly” have become par for the course, lookism makes it so that pretty people shouldn’t voice their complaints about how they’re treated based on appearances, either. Lastly, I just had to quote, Lee Sung Kyung is really stunning here! Worried that he might take his spot, Jeong Ha guarantees that he’s her number one. On their way home, Hae-hyo offers to give Jung-ha a ride to her next schedule, but she tells him that it’s fine. You got it neatly: haves and have nots and lookism. We know this might cause another rumors, again! Before even stepping out, Mom asks for her time to talk about something. The fact that she did not tell HJ about her spending time with HH means that she is well aware that she is in the wrong here.. Premiere Date: September 7, 2020. Episodes Record of Youth. She tells him that they actually need to renew and asks if Hye-joon said anything bad about working with her. It seems that HJ cannot be there for JH when she needs him, as he is busy. True to his character, Hye Jun agrees, as long as they promise not to upload it online. At this point there are only four episodes left and whatever happens, I'm already saddened by when there will be no more fixed appointment every Monday and Tuesday. She tells him that she was happy to see him succeed, so she couldn’t stand by and watch other people try to bring him down since only she has that right. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { Honestly, everything is on Hye Jun know, the pendulum will swing in whatever direction based on what HJ does next. Track Record of Youth new episodes, see when is the next episode air date, series schedule, trailer, countdown, calendar and more. My biggest concern is Hye Jun, Hae Hyo, and Jin U friendship.. We also see how the tables have turned for Hae Hyo and Hye Jun, though the latter is currently on a rocky path. Yes I share the same sentiment with you. Hye Jun replies he wants to show her only good things. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. When Hye Jun asks if she watched Jia interview, Jeong Ha openly asserts that she felt bad about it, and asks why he never tell those things to her as they are in a relationship. 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